1.1. http://betatransfer.net/ is a semi-automatic resource located on the Internet at http://betatransfer.net/ and providing certain services through a special coded interface for all Internet Clients (hereinafter referred to as the Resource).

1.2. A client is every legal or physical individual who has accepted all the rules prescribed by the Resource and has agreed to this arrangement.

1.3. Virtual units (money symbols) are the accounting units of certain virtual money circulation systems, which denote a certain number of rights of claim or other rights specified in the contract for virtual financial relationships with customers.

1.4. Payment mechanism (virtual settlement mechanism) is a coded technology created by a third disinterested person and is a mechanism for accounting virtual units, as well as adjusting financial interchange between customers.

1.5. Payment – transfer of virtual units from the drawee to the addressee.

1.6. Procedure (Application) – the data sent by the Customer using the resources of the Resource in virtual form, indicating his desire to receive the services of the Resource on the terms stipulated in this document and registered in the parameters of the Application.



2.1. This arrangement regulates the cooperation between the Client and the Resource regarding the services that are provided by the Resource to the Client and liquidates all the initial agreements between the Resource and the Customer on this matter.

2.2. This agreement is valid under the current legislation of the countries of registration and placement of the Resource and the Customer, as well as legally formalized cooperation between the Client and the Mechanism (s) of virtual settlements.

2.3. This agreement is deemed to be valid on the basis of the public tender offer accepted by the Client in the process of sending the Application, which is an integral part of this agreement.

2.3.1. A public tender proposal is the data on the properties and details of the Application specified on the Resource.

2.3.2. Acceptance (acceptance) of a public tender proposal is the execution by the Client of manipulations upon completing the registration of the Application, which confirms his desire to conclude a deal with the Resource on conditions specified by the Resource before the final submission of the Application.

2.3.3. The time and date of acceptance, as well as the peculiarities of the conditions of the Application, are fixed by the Resource at the time of the final dispatch of the Application.

2.3.4. The time for processing a proposal by the Client to conclude a deal with the Resource on the terms indicated in the Customer’s Application is 60 (sixty) minutes (one hour) (during the working period) from the moment of the final dispatch of the Application.

2.4. This agreement begins to operate from the moment of the final dispatch of the Application by the Client.

2.5. This agreement is considered to be closed from the moment of receipt by the Customer of Virtual units in the amount provided by the format of the Customer’s Application, or from the moment of termination of the transaction by leveling the application.

2.6. The parties accept this electronic agreement as concluded in paper form and approved by lawyers.

2.7. The resource has the legal opportunity to make unilateral amendments to this agreement without informing the Customer accordingly, but with the obligatory publication of the current version of the agreement at this address.



3.1. With the use of the technical device of the resource by sending the Application, the Client instructs, and the Resource, on its own behalf and at the expense of the Customer, performs manipulation for a certain monetary fee to accept and further distribute the number of Virtual Units indicated by the Customer to legal or physical entities (or object) that have expressed a desire to receive such monetary compensation in the amount specified in the Application, as well as the manipulation of the transfer of the financial equivalent in the amount specified in the Application, to the details of the Customer.

3.2. Any positive difference that arose as a result of the manipulations prescribed in paragraph 3.1 of this agreement, as an additional reward received, is transferred to the Resource as a bonus for the services rendered.



4.1. The processing of the Customer’s Applications is carried out by the Resource in strict accordance with the confidentiality rules (paragraph 5 of this agreement), as well as the policy on resistance to money laundering and counteraction to procedures having an illegal effect (paragraph 6 of this agreement).

4.2. Resource service ordering, monitoring of the implementation of the agreement and receipt of data on the progress of the transaction by the Client is effected through the user interface provided by the Resource.

4.3. Accounting of procedures with virtual units is carried out by the Resource according to the order, conditions and format of certain Virtual Payment Systems.

4.4. Each transaction after completion can not be withdrawn by the Client.

4.5. If the Customer has not paid for the Resource service for thirty (30) meters

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